Special Effects Supervisor Teases Batman V. Superman Standalone Sequence


If the title didn't already make it obvious, more news on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice indicates that the film will have plenty of action between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel.

The latest update comes from Joe Letteri, a supervisor from one of the special effects companies working on Batman V. Superman. In a recent interview, Letteri says that his production company, Weta Digital, is working on a "standalone sequence" for the upcoming blockbuster epic. Letteri notes that it isn't the one featured at San Diego Comic-Con last year. And since this a special effects company we're talking about, it's hard to think that Letteri's sequence will feature Batman and Superman sipping on coffee.

"We're doing a completely different sequence," Letteri said in his discussion with Collider. "That sequence is sort of self-contained, so I don't think you would have seen any of that yet."

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.