Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine Elected to City Council in Ukraine

(Photo: EA Games)

Something is going on in Ukraine right now. The Force is awakening there, clearly, after the Darth Vader statue and the arrest of Chewbacca. Well now things have gotten much worse.

Emperor Palpatine was elected to the Odessa city council with 54.4 percent of votes, NY Post reports. The actual elected individual, Palpatine Dmitry, is a 25 year old whose title at "LLC Palpatine Finance Group" is, in fact emperor.

The election also included a Darth Vader, a Yoda, a Padme Amidala, and a Chewbacca (presumably not the same one that was arrested) on the ballot. So, at least Palpatine is one of the two there that has actual governmental experience?


Now we just have to wait and see if things go as they did in Star Wars, and Palpatine goes mad with power, bringing forth an era of Dark Times in his reign.