Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Featured In GTA V PC Mod

(Photo: TwoDynamic)

Can't wait for the new Star Wars videogames from EA like Battlefront? Well, you could play Disney Infinity 3.0, of course, which heavily features Star Wars, but if you want some more adult adventures, some PC modders for Grand Theft Auto V have you covered.

Modders TwoDynamic show off their Star Wars mods in the popular game via a Youtube video. The mods include a Star Destroyer and Luke Skywalker's landspeeder, but it's largely a pictures-only case.

The landspeeder is drivable, but the Star Destroyer merely takes the place of the Blimp that normally flies above San Andreas. Still, it's a fun look (and a pretty great model of the Destroyer) at just how good the new Star Wars games are going to appear on modern PCs and consoles.


h/t Kotaku