Star Wars: The Force Awakens Score Soundtrack Released

with Williams.'I've loved doing the Star Wars films with all their fanfares and flourishes,' says [...]

(Photo: CBS News)

The score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens by John Williams is officially available now, in conjunction with the film's release. The score features themes familiar and new, all composed and recorded by John Williams.

The soundtrack also features liner notes by J.J. Abrams, writer and director of the film. A special episode of 60 Minutes featured Abrams at the recording of the score, showing his direct input (and awe) with Williams.

"I've loved doing the Star Wars films with all their fanfares and flourishes," says Williams in a press release. "I actually feel as though I am still in the galaxy far, far away. I really never left it, having worked on all of the films. I'm happy to be continuing to be part of the whole fun of doing it."

The score was the first Star Wars track to be recorded in the U.S., having been recorded in Los Angeles with freelance orchestra instead of an established unit like the London Symphony Orchestra, who recorded all six previous films.

It can be purchased by all regular retailers, or streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.