Stephanie Brown Officially Replaced By Barbara Gordon In Smallville Season 11


Comic book fans finally got an official answer on the rumors that Stephanie Brown would be replaced by Barbara Gordon in the Smallville Season 11 series. Stephanie Brown is best known as Spoiler, but she was going to appear as Nightwing in Smallville Series 11 according to earlier reports from series writer Bryan Q. Miller.'s Nick Winstead has been liveblogging the DC Wave 2 Panel at San Diego Comic-Con. During the panel, Winstead reported that DC Entertainment co-publisher Dan DiDio said, "Barbara Gordon is a more recognizable figure for the world as a whole.  Starting with Stephanie Brown was not the best idea because she is not as known for the Smallville universe and followers.  We had made Stephanie Nightwing first, but we decided to change that at the last minute because it just didn't make sense to go that way in terms of public awareness."