Stormtroopers Gift Child With 3D-Printed Prosthetic Arm

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Seven-year-old Liam Porter had been in need of a new prosthetic arm for quite some time. Aid for the Augusta Ga. native came from a galaxy far away and this one as well.

John Peterson, 3D-printing enthusiast, Enabling The Future, and 501st Legion's Georgia Garrison teamed up to provide Porter with a Saturday afternoon he would never forget, The Daily Dot reports.

Enabling The Future is an online network for 3D-printing replacement limbs. 501st is an international Star Wars costuming organization comprised of volunteers who attend charities and provide event security for Star Wars celebrities.

After leaving a Saturday matinee, Porter was escorted to another part of the movie theater where a gathered crowd of volunteers and costumed Star Wars fans awaited. A gracious and excited Porter received his new gift and his new arm was successfully installed.


The new arm allows for adjustments as Porter grows.