Supergirl Coming To Infinite Crisis

Supergirl has been announced as the 32nd champion to join the Infinite Crisis roster. The announcement was made by the game's manager of digital communications, Leo Tan, when speaking to DC All Access.

Tan says they tried to play up an angle that differentiates Supergirl from her cousin, Superman: her anger.

"She comes out of stasis, her entire world has been destroyed, everybody she knows and loved about is gone, her way of living is gone and then she's just here on Earth with her cousin who's become a grownup. So she's just angry," says Tan.

All that anger manifests in Supergirl's playstyle, which involves a lot of punching. Supergirl can punch through opponents, solar power her punches, and even punch opponents so hard that they become a missile weapons.

Given that the game is playing up Supergirl's rage, Tan didn't rule out the possibility of a Red Lantern Supergirl, or something similar to it, being added to the game down the line.

Tan also noted that reaching 32 champions in Infinite Crisis is a big mile marker for the game.

"I think you need to hit a specific threshold to make choices interesting at the team selection screen," says Tan. "Thirty-two is basically enough for you to have each in each role for a pro gamer and the build of your team is an interesting process."

Infinite Crisis is the free-to-play MOBA based in the DC Comics Multiverse. The game is currently in open beta. You can see Tan's announcement and Supergirl's champion profile embedded below.