Thanksgiving Parade Mayhem Starring Marvel Superheroes


This may be the best-ever live-action interpretation of Marvel's superheroes. In 1987, Marvel Comics's float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan featured comic book characters like Captain America, Wolverine, Power Man and Dr. Doom emerging from giant comic books and engaging in a choreographed battle, with campy dialogue being read over the loudspeaker. It's bizarre and surreal, but hilarious and kind of cool to see folks like Luke Cage and The Enchantress appearing in the flesh (and, in the case of the latter, mostly manhandling Captain America). Also, RoboCop appears, and all of it happens to the tune of the Back to the Future theme song. This was presumably during a time when both of those properties had licensed comic books from Marvel. Or just because whoever planned this knew in advance that we'd be looking at it from the future with jaws agape. This video comes to you courtesy the official Facebook page for Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe, which any of you are free to buy me for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving!