The Extinction Parade: War Announced From Avatar Press


Max Brooks, author of World War Z and writer of the upcoming pilot for The Extinction Parade from Legendary Television, will launch a spinoff miniseries this summer, The Extinction Parade: War, reports Bleeding Cool. The series will be illustrated by Raulo Caceres. Extinction Parade: War #1 is a super-sized July shipping comic book that continues the story of The Extinction Parade following issue #5. War #1 includes the previously-solicited single issue comics content of Extinction Parade #6 & #7 which have been cancelled. The Extinction Parade Trade Paperback Collection also shipping in July. The site describes the story as follows: "Every individual human being knows life is hard. Sooner or later adversity's gonna come knocking. But if you're a vampire you've had a thousand years of comfortable joy. You're not ready! You don't have those survival skills."