The Flash Season Two: Grant Gustin Teases New Superpowers, The Multiverse, and The Thawne's Return

The Flash’s first season was just the starting line for Barry Allen. As the Scarlet Speedster [...]

The Flash's first season was just the starting line for Barry Allen. As the Scarlet Speedster takes his second lap for The Flash's sophomore season this fall on The CW, he'll learn to push himself to brand-new levels as a hero, as a friend, and as a member of the superhuman community.

And actor Grant Gustin will be there for every step of Barry's marathon into a full-blown superhero. During this year's San Diego Comic Con International, Gustin spoke to reporters about what lies ahead for the Flash this fall, and how Barry's universe—or rather, multiverse—will drastically change. Below, Gustin discusses how the multiverse could bring certain dead characters back onto the show, teases a new super powered ability for The Flash, and reveals when viewers might see a certain silver-helmeted speedster.

So what can you tease about Harrison Well's return for next season?

Right out of the gates, Wells and Barry won't interact at all. Wells is on the show, but we're introducing the Multiverse concept, so that's why he still exists…somewhere.

You mentioned the Multiverse. Does that mean we might see Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne) return?

Yeah, I think so. They said that when Rick was leaving the show for personal reasons, that they had ways to brig him back. We have a multiverse, so anyone who's died could potentially come back to the show.

It was announced that Jay Garrick would join the Flash in Season Two. When will Barry first interact with Jay, and what will their interaction be like?

I can't say much about that right now. But, when our producer and writers show an easter egg, like with Jay's helmet appearing in the season finale, they don't do that for no reason. When they tease something like that, it's coming to the show. I would expect to see Jay Garrick sooner rather than later.

What's been the most surprising sci-fi element on the show? Gorilla Grodd? The Multiverse? Something else?

I haven't really been too surprised by any of it, because it's all just such a part of the Flash comics. And the show isn't afraid to embrace any of it. It's like the possibilities are endless for what we'll do n the show. These guys on the show know the character and love the character, and they have some big balls. They'll try anything if they feel like doing it.

Is there a part of the DC Universe that you'd really like the next season to explore? Any new characters?

I always say that I think it'd be cool—and this isn't me hinting or anything—for the show to bring Mirror Master onboard. It's like a whole other world to enter, that isn't the multiverse or another world. I just think visually, he could be really cool. That's a cool sci-fi element for the audience, especially the people who don't really know the Flash. I think he'd be a really cool new villain to bring on the show. He's one of the more popular rogues.

The producers said that Season Two will introduce a new love interest for Barry in the vein of Arrow's Felicity Smoak. What will this new romantic interest add to the show? How will it affect Barry's relationship with Iris?

Things will be a little different with Iris this year, just because of Eddie's death. Because of Eddie's death, Barry is having a hard time being the hero. He's received a lot of acclaim, but he knows that Eddie was really the guy that stopped Wells. So because of all of that, he's not going to try to make a move on Iris right now. I think they're just going to be there for each other. And Iris will become friends with Caitlin Snowe. They'll b getting closer throughout the season.

And Barry is going to meet Patty Spivot. I think she'll help show more of the police and CSI elements of Barry's life. We'll see them in the field some. I think they have a lot more in common, in most ways, than some of the other girls Barry's been attacked to. They're really going to hit it off. So Barry's going to have a really hard time keeping his big secret from yet another person.

How will we see Barry learn and grow as a hero through season two?

Barry will have a new mentor in season two. And they're already working together by episode two. In the second episode, Barry learns to do something new with his powers. We've never done it before, and it's pretty different from what we've tried on the show. It involves lightning, and it'll be pretty cool.

How closely involved will The Flash be with The Legends of Tomorrow series and story?

I honestly don't know much about that show yet. I don't really know what it's about. I just know that Flash will be on it at some point.

But you did film some scenes with the cast.

Well, it was more treated as a promo. It was a big battle royale that we shot. I don't know if my scenes will be in the pilot, or if what we filled will be directly related to anything else I do for Legends.

The Flash's Second Season premieres on October 6 on The CW.

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