The Hockey Saint Graphic Novel Gets an 8-Bit Hockey Game Tie-In

Author and graphic novelist Howard Shapiro's upcoming graphic novel The Hockey Saint, a sequel to his The Stereotypical Freaks, is coming in October, but you can already play an 8-bit, web-based hockey video game based on the comic at its publisher's website.

Identified in jacket notes as the second in a three-volume series, the story follows Jeremiah Jacobson, the world's best hockey player, who wasn't prepared for the frenzy and scrutiny that came with that title. He meets up with Tom Leonard, an average college sophomore, and the two strike up an unlikely friendship. Their bond is tested when Tom discovers that his idol isn't as perfect up close as he seems from afar.

You can see our interview with Shapiro about the series' first installment, The Stereotypical Freaks, here. The author has previously dealt with hockey in his all-ages novel Hockey Player For Life.


The Hockey Saint is on sale October 14. It features art by Marica Inoue and colors by Andres Mossa.