The Time David Letterman Watched Green Lantern


David Letterman had to watch a lot of movies to prepare for upcoming interviews with the film's stars, but one superhero film had Letterman thoroughly confused.

Former Late Show with David Letterman head writers and executive producers Eric and Justin Stangel shared some entertaining behind-the-scenes stories with Mike Ryan of They told him about the times they almost killed their boss David Letterman and his sidekick Paul Shaffer, as well as first time Letterman watched Green Lantern (2011).

I ended up having to see Green Lantern with him. So he had a screening room and he'd say, "You boys coming to the movie tonight?," and we're like, "OK." So here's Green Lantern and like at the very beginning, there's a purple guy, the original Green Lantern – the one who dies and the ring finds Ryan Reynolds. So there's a purple guy and Dave's yelling, "Who's that guy?" And I'm like, "He's an alien." Dave says, "Well, how do you know he's an alien?" I'm like, "He's purple!" And then he's like, "Well, does he know he's an alien?" I'm like, "I'm pretty sure he knows he's an alien!" And he's just screwing around because he has to sit here and watch this movie about aliens and superheroes. So, he's entertaining himself and just screwing around … what kind of question is that, "does he know he's an alien?"

See, even David Letterman suffered through Green Lantern like the rest of us. Thanks Dave!