The Walking Dead Beats Sunday Night Football In Ratings For Third Week In A Row

The Walking Dead continued its Sunday night dominance last weekend, trouncing Sunday Night Football’s ratings for the third straight week and fourth time this season.

It appears that the NFL is no longer the king of Sunday amongst its 18-49-year old demographic. As Deadline notes, The Walking Dead earned a 7.3 rating for the demographic, while Sunday Night Football only scored 6.2. The latest matchup was between The Walking Dead’s Season Five’s sixth episode and a game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. The Walking Dead rating from episode six even outperformed episode five’s rating by 4%.  This season’s number of Sunday Night Football stoppers has now doubled last season’s. The Walking Dead started its fifth season by devouring Sunday Night Football with a 8.7 to 6.6 rating score in the Adult 18-49 category. 

This Sunday’s prime-time NFL game will be between The Dallas Cowboys and The New York Giants. Will they have what it takes to stop The Walking Dead? Probably not, but we’ll be there for the carnage regardless.