Top 10 Fat Superheroes

It’s a New Year, and people like to set resolutions for the upcoming year. One resolution that [...]

It's a New Year, and people like to set resolutions for the upcoming year. One resolution that will likely be on a lot of people's list is to get fit during 2009, but what about superheroes? By fighting criminals, rescuing innocent citizens, and stopping the latest earth-threatening disaster, most superheroes tend to stay in relatively good shape. Being fit is vitally important for a superhero, since the outfit of choice usually involves skin-tight spandex. However, there are a couple superheroes, who could benefit from a little more diet and exercise. In the spirit of the New Year, has compiled a list of the top 10 fat superheroes, who should resolve to hit the gym in 2009 and get fit with the rest of the nation. Of course, a couple of them might have to change their superhero names after they shed the pounds, because overweight superheroes tend to refer to themselves as fat, big, or blimp-sized.

1. Nite Owl II

In The Watchmen comic book series, Nite Owl II had a beer belly. They say the camera adds ten pounds, so with the upcoming Watchmen movie, it might be a good idea for Nite Owl II to start getting in some early morning jogs. Of course if 20th Century Fox has their way in pushing back the release date on the Warner Bros. film, Nite Owl II should have some extra time to get in shape.

2. Bouncing Boy

As a member of Legion Of Superheroes, Bouncing Boy's superpower is to inflate and bounce around like a ball. However, Chuck Taine looked pretty hefty even before he mistakenly drank super-plastic fluid that he thought was soda pop. Think about it, anybody who is so thirsty for soda pop that he will down a bottle of super-plastic fluid without realizing it is going to have a weight problem. Considering that we already have liposuction in our day and age, one would think that in the 30th Century there would be a lot of easy ways to burn away the fat, so it shouldn't take Bouncing Boy long to trim down.

3. The Fat Fury, Herbie Popnecker

What, you think the name The Fat Fury sounds like a joke? Well, this little bundle of fury and his magical lollipops had something that no other fat superhero on this list had, which was an ongoing comic book series of his very own. After several appearances in Forbidden Worlds, Herbie had twenty-three issues of his own comic book from American Comics Group. The Fat Fury was no lightweight in the powers department either. He could fly, talk to animals, become invisible, and even travel through time.

4. Stinger, Sidekick of Brown Hornet

Wouldn't you know that one of the few overweight superheroes out there would come from the Fat Albert cartoons? Who could forget Stinger, the faithful sidekick of the Brown Hornet? Who's the Brown Hornet? None other than the star of Fat Albert's favorite TV program. The Brown Hornet, Stinger, and Tweeterbell helped to keep intergalactic space safe.

5. Mr. Incredible

While Mr. Incredible might have been buff and fit in his younger days, the years working behind a desk at an insurance company were not kind to him. When he first came out of retirement, it was quite a struggle for him to get into his superhero costume. As a middle-aged superhero, he's going to have to stay active to keep those pounds off. Hopefully, Mr. Incredible will keep up with his workouts in anticipation of Pixar coming out with a sequel to The Incredibles.

6. The Blimp

The Blimp was a member of the Inferior Five, which was created by DC Comics as a parody superhero team. What were The Blimps' powers? Well, he could fly at super slow speeds, but only if the wind was with him. If The Blimp can shed a couple hundred pounds, then maybe folks will start calling him The Glider.

7. Big Bertha

What's even rarer than a fat male superhero? A fat female superhero of course. Big Bertha might be the only overweight woman with superpowers in comic books, and she's not even really overweight. Her alter ego, Ashley Crawford, is actually a 120 pound model. It's only when she uses her superpowers as a member of the Great Lake Avengers that she swells up to 750 pounds. Big Bertha could take off the weight by just never using her powers again.

8. Woozy Winks

Wait a minute, Woozy Winks isn't a superhero. He doesn't have any super powers. Or does he? While Woozy Winks is often thought of as just Plastic Man's comic relief sidekick, a grateful gypsy once cast a spell that gave Woozy Winks a superpower. His superpower caused forces of nature to protect him whenever he might be in danger. Since Woozy spends all his time hanging around rail-thin Plastic Man, one would think he would want to get in shape.

9. The Green Hornet

Even though The Green Hornet wasn't overweight in any of his previous film, television, or comic book appearances, Seth Rogen has been cast to play The Green Hornet in an upcoming movie. While Seth Rogen has been a part of some pretty hilarious movies, his casting as The Green Hornet has been met with mixed reaction from comic book fans. Seth Rogen better hit the gym quite a bit in 2009 if he wants to be taken seriously in the role.

10. Fat Momma

While overweight female superheroes are virtually non-existent in comic books, Fat Momma burst onto the screen as part of Stan Lee's Who Wants To Be A Superhero TV series. Fat Momma's catch phrase was "Saving the world, one doughnut at a time!" Fat Momma made it all the way to second place on the first season of the show, and she now has her own website and makes appearances at comic book conventions.