Two New Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaked

new pokemon

An early leak of a Japanese magazine has revealed two new Pokemon. CoroCoro is a monthly Japanese magazine that often features news and info about the Pokemon franchise, including the occasional new Pokemon. This month's issue will reveal two new Pokemon, a Normal/Fighting type named Kiteruguma that resembles a giant red panda and a weird Ghost/Fairy type named Mimikkyu. Mimikkyu will have a new ability called Disguise. Both will appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which comes out later this year.

According to the magazine, Kiteruguma is an incredibly strong but friendly Pokemon. Because it likes to give hugs to its trainers, raising a Kiteruguma can actually put your life in danger. Mimikkyu wears a cloth over its body (which has been crudely drawn to make it resemble a Pikachu) to help avoid the sun. Removing Mimikkyu's cloth supposedly causes an illness.

This is the second straight month CoroCoro has had an exclusive reveal of new Pokemon. Last month, the magazine revealed Rockruff and Koara, two other Alola Pokemon. Like Rockruff and Komala, we'll probably learn the English names of both Pokemon sometime in the next few weeks.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out on November 18 in the US and Japan, and November 23 in Europe.


(via Serebii)