Vin Diesel Signs First Look Deal With Universal TV, Riddick TV Series In Works

Superstar actor Vin Diesel has signed a first-look deal with Universal TV, Variety reports.Among [...]


Superstar actor Vin Diesel has signed a first-look deal with Universal TV, Variety reports.

Among the first projects he'll spearhead with the studio? A TV series based on his cult-favorite character Riddick, the breakout character from Pitch Black.

As with the John Rambo series currently underway from producer Sylvester Stallone, it's unlikely Diesel himself will transition to TV for the Riddick series, which will exist alongside the film franchise, with a fourth movie currently in development.

"In addition to being a huge star for our feature division, Vin is a true creative force as a producer. After sitting down with him and his team at One Race Television, it's clear he will now also be an incredible asset to both the network and our television studio," said Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment. "We feel really fortunate to be in business with, not only an international powerhouse, but a truly thoughtful and passionate producer."

"I have dreamt about expanding the One Race brand into television and now we've found the perfect creative partners in Bob [Greenblatt, NBC Entertainment chairman], Jen and the team at Universal Television," Diesel said. "Shana is an incredible addition to this team."

Shana C. Waterman, who will overse development, added that "I'm incredibly excited to join the exceptionally smart, innovative team Vin's built at One Race. Both he and fellow producer Samantha Vincent, alongside their partners at Universal, have grown a formidable global brand ready-made for this diverse and highly creative time in the world of television."

No official dates yet on when some of this material will get into productions and make it to the screen.