Vinnie Jones Joins Kingsman: The Golden Circle

With Kingsman: Secret Service standing as one of 2014’s biggest hits, 20th Century Fox is set to [...]

vinnie jones kingsman the golden circle

With Kingsman: Secret Service standing as one of 2014's biggest hits, 20th Century Fox is set to release the film's sequel later next year. And, with casting news for the film teasing fans all over the world, it looks like Britain's very own Vinnie Jones is the newest actor set to star in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Taking to Twitter, Jones posted a days ago that he had to wake up early for filming in London for the second Kingsman film. The actor kept silent about his revelation for a day or so before Jones uploaded several more photos to his profile which featured the actor alongside director Matthew Vaughn and actress Julianne Moore. Jones also shared a spiffy photo of himself dressed in Britain's colors as he sits in what appears to be a traditional American diner. The actor, who's sporting a tailored blue suit and Union Jack loafers, wrote that he was, "Flying the flag."

While there is no official news regarding Jones' role in the sequel, fans are speculating if the actor is sticking to his usual type-casting to play one of the film's villains. As Julianne Moore is reportedly playing the sequel's antagonist, the Internet is now wondering whether Jones' photo with the actress is a nod at their cinematic partnership. And, as for the actor's photo with Vaughn, Jones praised the director as he was the one who gave Jones his film debut in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels nearly twenty years ago.

Jones, who's also a well-known professional footballer, has starred in dozens of projects such as Swordfish, She's the Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, and even CW's Arrow. The actor's involvement with the film is just one of several casting announcements that Kingsman has revealed over the past months. While Taron Egerton confirmed he'd be returning for the sequel last year, talent like Julianne Moore and Halley Berry joined the cast this spring. Following the two award-winning actresses, other actors such as Pedro Pascal, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, and Elton John signed onto the project.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will hit theaters June 16th 2017.