Westworld: Who Dies In 'Trace Decay'?

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For Westworld Episode 7!Have you recovered from last week's shocking [...]

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For Westworld Episode 7!

Have you recovered from last week's shocking Westworld episode?

Don't worry, no one is. Learning that Bernard was a host was a total mind-bender for most. Even if you were one of the smart ones to guess it, it was still a jarring moment to witness.

Going into tonight's episode, 'Trace Decay', fans are starting to worry much more about their favorite characters. Some may turn out to be hosts, and others are in grave danger of getting killed by one.

Who is really safe in this episode? Let's break it down by each character. Let's see who is safe, for the time being, and who should be watching their backs.

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Dolores - Safe. Be honesy with yourselves about this one - Dolores is definitely a host. She can't be permanently killed. She could be decommissioned, but her arc is too vital to the story for that to happen any time soon.

William - Slight Danger. Many fans believe this white-hatter will turn black by season's end. A popular theory states that William will become the Man in Black by the time it's all said and done. This may not be true, but he still has plenty to do with Dolores to help wrap up her story. Either way, it's worth noting that the two are in an extremely dangerous area of the park, and that always spells caution.

Ford - Safe. He's in total control, as was made clear last week. There is a major storm ahead for the Westworld creator, but not yet.

Maeve - Safe. Ford has plenty of control, but so does Maeve. She's in the middle of doing what she wants, and learning how to function as a real person.

Felix - Danger. Poor Felix, the guy just wants to help. If Arnold's story, or Theresa's fate, can tell us anything, it's that you can't get too close to a host.

Sylvester - Danger. See above, except for the 'poor' bit. Sly is a jerk.

Bernard - Safe. He's a host, but no one knows it. He's not going anywhere.

Teddy - Slight Danger. Another host, but he's on a dangerous mission. Either way, MiB isn't quite done with him.

Man In Black - Safe. The guy is playing a dangerous game, but he's been here before. Nothing will stop the man from getting what he wants. Plus, Ed Harris has been confirmed for season two.

Elsie - Danger. No is sure where Elsie is, but it can't be good. If she's not dead already, it probably won't be long.

Stubbs - Safe. This guy is a soldier, he mostly just does what he's told. If Ford puts rules in place, he'll follow blindly. To be honest, there's a great chance this guy is a host, too.

Logan - Danger. Logan was captured a couple of episodes back. He may be able to weasel his way out, but that arrogant attitude won't help his cause.

Hector & Lawrence - Safe. Both are hosts, and both are keys to the maze. If anything, they just face re-assignment.

Lee - Danger. Everyone saw what heppened to Theresa when she questioned Ford's ways. It's only a matter of time for Lee.

Charlotte - Slight danger. No one is going after Ford harder than Charlotte is, but she's his most powerful adversary.

There are plenty of characters to explore in Westworld, but we just wanted to touch on the critical ones. Also, look for some old characters to return this week. We're crossing out fingers for Mr. Abernathy!

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