Will Stephen Amell Sport A Goatee In Arrow Season Four?

We’ve prayed to the heavens (i.e. Marc Guggenheim’s office) for an official Green Arrow [...]

We've prayed to the heavens (i.e. Marc Guggenheim's office) for an official Green Arrow goatee in Arrow's fourth season, and it looks like our wish may finally be granted.

Earlier this week, an Arrow fan asked series star Stephen Amell to give him a "green Arrow fix" over on Facebook. Amell responded with a self-portrait of his face, sporting a rather suspicious set of facial hair. We see what looks like the earnest start of a goatee, but the photo's dark coloring makes it difficult to tell if it isn't just part of a scruffy nine-o'clock shadow

Then again, a legitimate goatee would only further Arrow's new dedication in embracing its source material. Stephen Amell previously revealed that Arrow would officially become "Green Arrow" in season four. And as any-self respecting Oliver Queen fan knows, you're not truly Green Arrow unless you have a rocking goatee. Even the New 52 version of the character has a tightly-trimmed version of the original flavor savor.

But what do you think, readers? Is Amell actually growing a goatee for Arrow? Do you even want to see the goatee on the show? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: We have an answer. Shortly after we published this article, Amell took to Twitter to address if he will have a goatee. Amell wrote, "100% no. Never. Our show could go 14 seasons and a goatee will never appear. Hope that clears things up. Forever."

Arrow's fourth season premiers October 7 on the CW.