Witchblade #175 Preview From Ron Marz, Laura Braga, Betsy Gonia and Top Cow


The double-sized 175th issue of Witchblade is upon us, from writer Ron Marz and artists Laura Braga and Betsy Gonia. Witchblade is the longest continuously-running, female-led comic at any major publisher, and the cahracter is slated to appear in a major motion picture currently in development (The Darkness). The issue, which features two stories by the  lead creative team, also features a backup story by one of the winners of Top Cow's Talent Search. The story, "4 For 5," features a script by Ashley Robinson and art by Carlos Rodriguez. Fans also get a peek inside of Braga's Witchblade sketchbook and an extended "The Witching Hour" column, which helps bring new readers up to speed on Sara's story (which really isn't strictly necessary as the recap page at the start should do the job...but the mythology is dense and around the time Marz returned, they must have decided it was better safe than sorry). Check out the official solicitation text and preview art below. Witchblade #175 will be in stores on Wednesday. Story By: Ron Marz Art By: Laura Braga Cover By: Laura Braga Variant Cover By: John Tyler Christopher Variant Cover By: Michael Turner Price: $5.99 Diamond ID: MAR140530 Published: June 4, 2014 DOUBLE-SIZED ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! Starting a new storyline, the team of writer RON MARZ and artist LAURA BRAGA continue their acclaimed run, providing an entry point for new readers, as well as a celebration of all that's gone before. Also features a second story by MARZ & BRAGA, revealing a previously untold tale of the Witchblade in feudal Japan, as well as other bonus features.