Wonder Woman TV Star Lynda Carter Wrote Music For Fallout 4

The connections between DC Entertainment and the hugely-anticipated Fallout 4 video game keep [...]

(Photo: Bethesda Softworks)

The connections between DC Entertainment and the hugely-anticipated Fallout 4 video game keep a-comin'.

Not only is the game directed by Kal-El Bogdanove, named for Superman and the son of famed Superman: The Man of Steel artist Jon Bogdanove, but much of the game's music was written by former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter.

"We've been friendly with Lynda for a long time," said Game Director Todd Howard. "She's done voices in most of our games. A lot of people don't know that she's also a really accomplished singer. She has a Grammy-award-winning band, and she tours. That's actually how she came up, initially. When we started this game, I wondered if Lynda would do some original music. Because it's not like music stopped."

The music is going to be not only provided by Carter's character in the game, but also available on a radio station that you can play during missions (with commentary from an eccentric deejay).

"Todd had faith in me, because he had heard some of the other stuff I had written before," Carter said. "Plus, I'm working with a Grammy-winning songwriter, John Jarvis, and Kerry Marx, one of the great guitarists out of Nashville. Then we got the top session players in Nashville together, including my musical director/drummer Paul Leim, and legendary horn player, Blue Lou Marini, and went into a studio to record the songs."

Marini, for those who don't know, appeared in the two Blues Brothers films.

"Todd said, give me samples of different things and then we'll talk about it," Carter explained. "I was trying to give a different flavor to each of the songs, because there really is no genre except for how Magnolia sings them. She is the 'genre' and her personality is reflected in every song. I was trying to get a direction in the beginning but he liked all the different directions. I didn't expect him to like them all!"

Fallout 4 is due out November 10.