Young Cancer-Fighter SpiderMable Is Edmonton's Newest Superhero

Edmonton, Alberta is witnessing the birth of a new real-world child superhero, as SpiderMable leaps into action.

The Edmonton police called upon SpiderMable to rescue kidnapped Edmonton Oilers captain Andrew Ference.

Check out the videos below for a quick introduction to SpiderMable, and to see the police call to action.

The call went out as a part of a staged superhero adventure, similar to the one that made Bat-Kid famous, organized by The Children's Wish Foundation.

According to CBC News, SpiderMable's secret identity is 6-year-old Mable Tooke. Mable has been fighting cancer for the past two years, after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or cancer of the white blood cells.

Mable's been reading lots of comics while in treatment, and has a special affection for Spider-Man because he is so human, and because they share a trait, radioactive blood. When asked by The Children's Wish Foundation, Mable said she'd most like to meet her hero, and admitted to fantasizing about fighting crime like he does.

"He is her biggest hero," said Elizabeth LoPresti of The Children's Wish Foundation.


The Children's Wish Foundation has worked for weeks with Mable's parents, the Oilers, the Edmonton police, and other municipal organizations in Edmonton to make Mable's fantasies become reality.

The event will run through the afternoon, kicking off with investigations into a villain sighting at the World Waterpark, and ending with a celebration in the Otter Room of the Edmonton Valley Zoo.