Back To The Future Will Never Be Rebooted Says Producer

If producer Frank Marshall has any say over it - and as of now he does - the Back to the Future [...]

If producer Frank Marshall has any say over it - and as of now he does - the Back to the Future franchise will not now nor ever be the next beloved 80s film series pushed through the movie reboot meat grinder. While doing press for his latest production's home release, Jason Bourne, Marshall said that Back to the Future is safe from reboot land.

"Yeah, as long as I have my say [it's safe]. That one exists just like ET - we're never touching those," he told Yahoo! Movies, adding in the second beloved franchise for good measure. The producer said he still "loves watching it" referring to the Back to the Future trilogy, and got a kick out of them "almost [getting] the Chicago Cubs [World Series] victory right."

Back to the Future II got a lot of publicity last year, as 2015 was the future they traveled to in that film. Special bottles of Pepsi, new self-lacing sneakers, and more were released to celebrate - though sadly no one is walking around in silver foil-looking clothes. How did we miss out on that particular fashion prediction? In that film, the Chicago Cubs finally broke a curse over 100 years old and won the World Series, a feat they actually accomplished this year after making the playoffs and being swept by the New York Mets in 2015.

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

It's interesting sentiment coming from Marshall, who has had his hands in several reboots, reimaginings, or several-years-past sequels. He's a producer on Jurassic World and its upcoming sequel, the original Indiana Jones films and its upcoming fifth movie, the original Bourne films and the Jeremy Renner-centric spin-off, so the concept is far from foreign to him. Still, after the steady stream of TV and Movie remakes and reboots over the last couple of years, this should be a relief to most fans.

Fans who do want to relive the Back to the Future glory days can do so with the 30th Anniversary Trilogy blu-ray and digital HD edition released last year as part of the celebration.