Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Go On First Date In New Passengers Clip

While many fans are looking forward to heading to space for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, another sci-fi film promises to be fairly epic in December.

Space is exactly what Jennifer Lawrence's Aurora Lane character doesn't need when she is trapped in the middle of it.

In a new preview for the upcoming Passengers movie, Aurora goes on a first date with Chris Pratt's James Preston character. Meeting at a bar aboard their space crft, they are tended to be a Michael Sheen's robotic character named Arthur.

Coupled with the stunning gravity pool sequence, the film has delivered some amazing visuals, and you can watch some of the impressive effects on display in the clip above and Pratt and Lawrence order drinks from a robot.

Passengers is directed by Morten Tyldum and stars Jennifer Lawrence (Aurora Lane), Chris Pratt (James Preston), Michael Sheen (Arthur), Andy Garcia, Laurence Fishburne (Gus Mancuso), Kimberly Battista (Jr Officer Fitzgerald), and Aurora Perrineau (Celeste).

Having shown the first clip at CinemaCon earlier this year, Passengers has been building quite a buzz as its release date approaches. The film may turn out to be an iconic December space adventure comparable to the likes of Insterstellar.

Passengers hits theaters on December 21.


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