Comic Book Releases for July 15th, 2009

The bright and sunny days of summer are about to get a lot darker! This Wednesday will see the release of DC's universe-shattering event, Blackest Night. Spinning out of the Green Lantern mythos, Blackest Night will see the return of long and recently deceased members of the DC community, and the results will be devastating. That's not the only major thing happening in comics this week! Read below to see what else DC and other comic book publishers have in store for us this week! Besides Blackest Night #1's release, other limited series will see action on Wednesday, as both JSA vs. Kobra and Final Crisis: Aftermath see their next releases. The hardcover edition of Neil Gaiman's Whatever Happened to the Cape Crusader will also drop, collecting both parts of the eponymous storyline along with some other key Gaiman Batman stories. Robin and Supergirl will take the spotlight in Superman/Batman #62, and fans of DC will also want to check out the much-heralded Wednesday Comics #2.

Marvel continues to celebrate their 70th anniversary with the release of All-Select Comics Special #1, which will focus on one of Marvel's earliest heroines, the Blonde Phantom! Utopia continues in the pages of Dark Avengers #7, and the tension between Norman Osborn's Dark X-Men and the regular X-Men heats up! Captain America #601 promises to continue its delving into the past of Cap in order for us to understand his present and future! Kids will have plenty to choose from as well, with Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #3, Franklin Richards: Schools Out #1 and Iron Man: Armored Adventures One-Shot all see release on Wednesday!

The Walking Dead #63 creeps into stores Wednesday from Image Comics, along with the start of limited series Descendent, a three-issue series focusing on a young woman believed to be the living incarnation of an ancient Incan prophecy. Dead @ 17: Afterbirth also reaches its halfway point this week! Dark Horse has planned a resurrection of Creepy Comics this week with issue one's release. The popular black and white horror magazine gets a new lease on life with this debut! Also from Dark Horse is Citizen Rex #1, a sci-fi adventure focusing on robots, women and the future!


IDW Publishing sees a zombie tale enter our summer reading, with The Last Resort starting this week. Doctor Who fans will also see issue number one of a new ongoing series debuting! Boom! Studios' highly anticipated series Poe, which features the detective skills of writer Edgar Allan Poe, will debut this week, alongside Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #1, the literature-based origin of the film Blade Runner! Go, stimulate the economy, read some comics! Come back here and tell us what you think of these titles, both new and established! Wednesday will keep you busy! See you back here in seven days with more previews!