First Passengers Photos Featuring Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence

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Sony Pictures brought Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and their sci-fi film Passengers to CinemaCon this past April, but while they showed footage there, they didn't release it - or even any images from it - to the public. As part of EW's fall movie preview, however, they've offered up two images from the upcoming film, one of which is literally just a picture of the two actors' faces.

While that first picture doesn't give us much about Passengers, the second at least delivers some of the design aesthetic for the film, as it shows Pratt in a full space suit, and the slick metal, silvers, greys, and blues of their luxury spaceship. The film takes place in the future, when humanity has started to colonize other solar systems and planets. Pratt and Lawrence play characters on a ship heading to the Homestead II colony 120 years away. After only thirty years in suspended animation alongside the other 5,000 travelers, though, they're mistakenly woken up. As they explore the ship - and their relationship, they also have to find a way to keep the ship and its thousands of passengers alive.

Lawrence and Pratt are arguably the biggest young stars in Hollywood, and director Morten Tyldum praised them along the reveal, saying "they're so great together, and both of them are so hard-working." Tyldum praised their natural charm, necessary to allow the "character drama" and "love story" to come through in a film that also has "big sets and a lot of effects."

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Passengers does have a lot of competition when it comes out on December 21, 2016, though. That's just 5 days after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story debuts, and the same day as both video game epic Assassin's Creed and animated feature Sing.