New Ghostbusters Trailer Gives First Look Major Monster - Rowan

The newest trailer for Ghostbusters has just dropped, and it's already miles better than the first one.

Of course, more Slimer and the new big monster, Rowan will have that effect on things, but overall the humor just seems to land a lot more this time around. It also seems that Kevin's (Chris Hemsworth) character could be one of the main antagonists of the film after being possessed by the same ghost that tries to possess Abby (Melissa McCarthy), though this time I don't think a few slaps from Patty (Leslie Jones) will be enough to fix things.

Some great character moments are here as well, including Erin's (Kristen Wiig) "Get out of the city! Get out of the city!" freakout at a restaurant after McCarthy says "we don't' want a panic". Slimer also makes an appearance, doing what he does best, eating. One of the highlights of the whole trailer occurs when a green demon looking ghost takes residence on Patty's shoulders, and someone has the audacity to take a selfie.

That said, don't forget about Rowan. He looks quite pissed already and wait till he finds out how many dislikes his first trailer had.


Ghostbusters is set to release on July 15th.