Sons Of Anarchy Star Shines In Outsiders Season 2 Trailer

Many fans Sons Of Anarchy fans are still wishing the show hadn't ended, and are getting [...]

Many fans Sons Of Anarchy fans are still wishing the show hadn't ended, and are getting increasingly excited about the upcoming spin-off series, Mayans MC. While this new show will take place in the world of SOA, it will likely be missing the majority of fan-favorite characters.

There may not have been a more beloved character on SOA than Opie Winston, played by Ryan Hurst. While the character died back in season five of the motorcycle drama, Hurst has gone on to star in another groundbreaking television series.

(Photo: WGN America)

Outsiders, which airs on WGN America, follows the actions of a clan of mountain people in the hills of Kentucky. The Farrells, as they're called, fight with the nearby town of Blackbird, KY to keep control of the land that has been in their family for centuries.

This series has drawn critical praise for its depiction of family bonds, social issues, and Appalachian culture. It's a southern drama with grit, often compared to shows like Sons Of Anarchy and The Walking Dead.

Hurst stars in the series as Lil Foster Farrell, heir-apparent to the throne of the Farrell clan. Much to fans' excitement, Hurst's character dons the long hair and beard on the show, just as Opie did in Sons Of Anarchy. Lil Foster has also drawn comparisons to Opie for his loyalty to his family, and his willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job down.

WGN America has just released the trailer for season two of Outsiders, and set a premiere date for January 24, 2017.

If you're a fan of Sons Of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, or great television in general, Outsiders is right up your alley. The entire first season of the series is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digtial HD. You can also stream the first season on Hulu.