Telltale Announces Season 3 Of The Walking Dead Game Series

TWD Clementine

Telltale announced on Tuesday that a third season of their The Walking Dead game series will be arriving in 2016.

Despite season two ending with a sense of closure and number of different possibilities based on the gamers' choices, the company plans to move forward with Clementine's story.

"When we got to Season 2, we had a plan in the back of our minds of how we would make all these endings keep those threads going forward," Telltale Games CEO Kevin Bruner tells Mashable, who goes on to say that season three will take an "unexpected" approach.

"From a role-playing, interactive storytelling point of view, it is not from the bag of tricks that we've ever shown anybody before," he said. "The way that we're dealing with and validating and retaining all those different playthroughs is really cool and unexpected and, I think, pretty innovative from the storytelling point of view."

"We've got a strategy to help Season 3 players," Bruner explains. "We didn't have the cloud services in Season 1 that we have now. So we're going to have a solution for everybody that we're not talking about it yet."


More information will come out of San Diego Comic Con this summer and Telltales Games' The Walking Dead's third season will premiere later in 2016.