The Walking Dead: Will Maggie Get Pregnant?

Be warned spoilers follow for the “Arrow on the Doorpost” episode of The Walking Dead and The [...]

The Walking Dead Maggie Pregnant

Be warned spoilers follow for the "Arrow on the Doorpost" episode of The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead comic book. Ever since the incident with The Governor, there's been a lot of tension in Maggie and Glenn's relationship. However, some of that tension got released during the "Arrow on the Doorpost" episode, as Maggie and Glenn started making out while on watch at the prison. Glenn couldn't finish the job with walkers watching though, so the pair ducked into a garage. As Maggie and Glenn were in a rush, it didn't seem like they used any type of protection before having sex. Many fans have been wondering if this scene might be set up for Maggie getting pregnant. In the comic book series, Maggie does actually get pregnant, so the TV series might be on that same path. During the Talking Dead, host Chris Hardwick also actually hinted at this possibility, asking Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie), "Is it safe to be having sex in the apocalypse? You could get pregnant, and that's not…" Lauren Cohan replied, "You've got to live."