War On Everyone Trailer Shows Good Guys Gone Bad

Between The Guard and In Bruges, the McDonagh brothers have given us some of the darkest comedies of the last decade, and it looks like brother John Michael aims to keep that streak alive. This time around, he's tapped Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgård to lead his tale of debauchery with War On Everyone.

The unlikely duo play cops in New Mexico who are just about as crooked as they come, taking bribes and smacking thugs as often as they can. When they see they can pull off the heist of all heists, they won't let anything stand in their way, no matter what side of the law they must walk.

War On Everyone has been a solid hit on its festival run throughout 2016 so it looks like a promising way for Peña and Skarsgård, who are coming off an underwhelming year with Collateral Beauty and Legend of Tarzan.

War On Everyone hits DirecTV on January 3, 2017 and in select theaters on VOD platforms February 5, 2017.


[H/T YouTube/Saban Films]