Austin St. John Burns 'Power Rangers' Cameo In Reboot

Red Ranger Austin St. John has been pretty open with his feelings towards the reboot, but he recently let loose a fantastic burn towards how it handled original Ranger cameos.

As you know, the live action reboot featured a cameo towards the end of the film that featured Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank holding up their cell phones amongst the huge crowd after the Megazord saved Angel Grove.

When St. John was asked at Dallas Fan Days if he would be open to a future cameo in a movie, he didn't sugarcoat his feelings, and the audience ate it up.

“As long as it’s more than 3 seconds at the end with a cell phone, sure," St. John said. "Yeah, just saying. I mean some people are like “aww you gotta have thick skin in this industry,” I’m like “no, you gotta have standards.”

Somewhere a random microphone just hit the ground for no reason.

Now, it's important to note that he didn't say anything about issues with the Rangers in the cameo. St. John seems to be on great terms with the other Rangers and appeared alongside many of them at New York Comic Con.

Still, it's a pretty savage burn, and he seems to feel that the original Rangers didn't have a big enough spotlight in the reboot.

St. John has shared other thoughts on the reboot, including the updated Zords.

"I thought the new Zords looked like Chia Pets or something," St. John said. "In the TV series, we towered over skyscrapers as we crushed them in downtown Angel Grove. In the movie, they were barely taller than a three-story Dunkin Donuts? I was like what did you do to the Zords? Are these Chihuahua Zords, what is that?"


While the Zords were not his favorite part of the film, he did enjoy the Red Ranger's detention entrance immensely, saying "My favorite part of the movie was where my character, or the new Jason, completely pimp slapped the bully in detention for being a jerk," St. John told fans at Tampa Bay Comic Con. "I was like that is something I actually wanted to do myself, good job!"

You can judge the film for yourself, as Power Rangers is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital.