Power Rangers: These Are The Best Ways To Help Make HyperForce Season 2 A Reality

There's a lot of love out there for Power Rangers HyperForce, but it seems there are a few things we as fans need to do to make a second season of the show possible.

After the most recent episode of Power Rangers HyperForce, Hyper RPG CEO (and Shattered Grid GM) Zac Eubank explained the status of HyperForce on the channel amid lots of requests regarding updates to the show and a possible season 2. In that message, a few interesting things came to light (via JCD mobil).

"I'm going to be really frank with you guys," Eubank said. "You guys as an audience are absolutely amazing. The people who are here watching the show, that are talking to us and interacting with us on Twitter are all phenomenal and absolutely amazing, but I want you to realize something, as a business. As the CEO of that business, when we were in the first month of the show as a channel we got up to 2,700 subscribers. We got as low as 2000 a month ago, and we've been trying to build back up."

Subscribers is actually the way the Hyper RPG channel funds itself, and while HyperForce is undeniably a success, it isn't necessarily profitable at the moment.

"Part of the reason we say how important subscribers are is its actually how we fund the channel and the interactions with the Supers, the Megas, and Ultras," Eubank said. "Despite this being the most popular show on the channel, it actually makes us the least amount of money and we lose money on every episode, from just a CEO standpoint."

(Photo: Saban/Hyper RPG)

Fans who watch the show are familiar with the Supers, Megas, and Ultras, which allow the cast to get added dice to their rolls and abilities, but it also helps the channel financially. Eubank wanted to make sure though that this isn't a blame game type thing, he is just being honest about the business side of things.

"And this isn't your fault. It has nothing to do with you," Eubank said. "This is just, it's a business, and we pay people that work here. We pay all the people on the show, we pay the crew, we give health insurance and all those things, so we can't necessarily afford to do all the things that we dream and want to do because all those things take time, time is money, yadda yadda yadda, so on and so on."

Obviously, as fans of the show, we want all those great things to continue, and it might require more than just positive word of mouth. So, we've compiled all the ways you can help the show over the remaining episodes (as well as Hyper RPG as a whole), which should go a long way to contributing to an eventual season 2.

Granted, these in no way guarantee that, but they most assuredly won't hurt either.

Power-Rangers-Hyperforce-Episode-2 copy
(Photo: Saban/Twitch/HyperRPG)

The biggest thing you can do to help is to subscribe to Hyper RPG's Twitch channel, which houses all of their shows every week. The great thing is Amazon Prime members can actually subscribe for free, and it directly benefits Hyper RPG. You just need to head to the Your Prime Membership section in Amazon and there will be an option to connect your Twitch account. You can also head here to get started.

If you're feeling generous though, you can subscribe to more than the base tier, either at $9.99 or $24.99. You can even gift a subscription if you feel so inclined.

The other surefire way to help is to watch the shows live so you can contribute by purchasing Supers, Megas, and Ultras during the broadcast. Those are smaller purchases sure, but you're helping the live numbers and contributing some dollars, so you are killing two birds with one stone. Plus, the HyperForce rangers would greatly appreciate the help next time Lord Drakkon tries to steal someone's Morpher or behead someone.

Seriously, he was not a nice guy.

Hyper RPG has also joined up with Humble Bundle, so if you want to subscribe to their service just head here first to help contribute. You can also get some cool swag on their Amazon store, like t-shirts, though unfortunately, those don't include an HyperForce gear at the moment.


Of course, spreading the word on social media and amongst your friends also helps, but these things will actually benefit in a monetary way, and that seems to be the biggest barrier to getting a second season. It could happen regardless of course, and no one is saying it isn't in the works, but these options will give you a way to contribute directly just in case.

Power Rangers HyperForce airs on Hyper RPG's channel Tuesday nights, and you can follow @MattMuellerCB for all things Power Rangers.