Power Rangers Launches Dino Fury Holiday Hotline

It's the holiday season, and that means it's time to enjoy Christmas cookies, the lit-up Christmas tree, make Gingerbread Houses, and bring out all the Gnome collectibles (that last one might just be me, to be honest.) The thing is that just because it's the holidays doesn't mean the world is safe from Sporix Beasts, but luckily the Dino Fury Rangers are on the case, and if you need to get ahold of them, there is now a new Power Rangers Holiday Hotline you can call. Yep, it's actually real, and here's what you'll find if you dial the number.

For a limited time you can dial 1-833-DNOFURY (1-833-366-3879) to contact the Ranger Hotline, and that will connect you and your kids to the Dino Fury Rangers over the holiday season. You can call the hotline until December 31st to report Sporiz Beasts, get tips on being a Ranger, and more, and Rangers will walk you through every step.

If you dial the number a machine answers, but it's actually Russell Curry's Zayto who has voiced all the lines, which is a nifty touch. When you dial in he says "Hi there, you've reached the Ranger hotline." He then asks you to pick one of several choices, and here is the rundown of the options. Also shoutout to Ranger Liz who ran through them.

1. Report a Sporix Beast
2. Get Tips on What Makes a Great Ranger
3. Listen to Javi's Morphinominal Music
4. To Hear the Latest Buzzblast Story
5. To Check Out More From the Dino Fury Power Rangers

If you press 1 Zayto will break down what Sporix Beasts are and how they collect energy and grow into giant monsters. You can then hit another button to get sent links to their best Sporix battles.


Javi's music is also a pretty great choice, though if you hit 2 you Amelia jumps in and takes you through how the Rangers work together.

You can also watch the entire season of Power Rangers Dino Fury right now on Netflix, and season 2 will hit the service next year. You can also find interviews with the Dino Fury cast right here, and you can talk all things Power Rangers with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!