Power Rangers: Classic Rangers Reveal Their Amazing Evil Ranger Designs

Power Morphicon is going to be a bit delayed, and understandably so. Large crowds, especially convention sized ones, are just not possible at the moment, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of your favorite Power Rangers all in one place. CB had the pleasure of teaming up with Power Morphicon for a special Power Morphicon on CB virtual panel, which featured Power Morphicon Founder Scott Zillner, Time Force's Jason Faunt and Erin Cahill, In Space and Lost Galaxy's Melody Perkins, and Lost Galaxy's Reggie Rolle. As you can see in the full video above, we had a great time chatting about a variety of Power Ranges topics, especially when I posed one particular question to the group, which was to come up with their own Evil Ranger names and costume designs, and they did not disappoint.

With names and designs like Lord Drakkon and Ranger Slayer around, the bar was high, but Rolle was up to the challenge, providing a design that definitely deserves some fan art.

"You know what I can't think of a name, but I can think of a suit," Rolle said. "See maybe you can help me think of a name but the suit would be like this. So Damon's Galactabeast was a Condor, so I think it would be cool to have a suit where when this villain morphs into his sort of power mode the wings literally grow out of his back, instead of like with the Galactabeast, but just grow out of his back so that he could just start to fly and sort of devour people kind of like how birds fly down and pick up little...I could snatch Rangers."

"Definitely red eyes," Rolle continued. "Definitely like some red eyes happening there maybe like some power coming out of the eyes, but I will want to be an evil version of the Condor Galactabeast kind of like the Condor. So, you know with a flying fighting style like the way Damon had but just more vicious and evil, almost like Black Pantherish."

Faunt had a great suggestion, proposing "How about Damien?"

"Or I was gonna say Diablo now it's not good," Rolle said. "I would have to think about that one, but I would just say the suit will be fun to design. Just think, kind of like a Black Panther suit, but focus more on Condors flying type things. Wings and red eyes and claws kind of built into the suit, you know? That's really cool."

Up next was Perkins, who knows a thing or two about being a villain and a Ranger. That's why her redesign was all about practicality.

"The only thing I could think of is like, I was kind of happy with my getup but I think I would just include some kind of all-weather type insulation because vinyl is just not conducive to anything but a temperature like 72 degrees, so I don't know, maybe just a little bit of technical upgrading," Perkins said.

(Photo: Scott Zillner)

Next up was Cahill, who got some help from the crew and came up with a pretty cool design.

"You know, I thought I had a good answer, and then Reggie so nailed it that I was like, I was hoping you would forget that I didn't answer. Dang it! Ah, Reggie, can you design my suit? I was just gonna say I would do an inverse and have it be like, all kind of silver and white, and black amend the accents be pink, so that it was like an inverse of what my suit was, but now that sounds so boring...and insulation," Cahill said.

She wasn't quite done though and added one more cool feature. "Definitely some sort of button where, because I traveled through time, some sort of button, almost like Harry Potter style, where I can just kind of go like boop and I'm out," Cahill said.

After that, it was Faunt's turn, and he decided to bring together Marvel's Wolverine with Time Force Red for a pretty lethal combination.

"I've always liked that kind of Wolverine feel with the claws that come out," Faunt said. "It's kind of rough with the beard. I think that in that kind of venue it would be cool, where something can grow out of your hands like that. It's a little bit more of a rough look, a rough and tumble type thing, so I would go with a Wolverine feel and I would name it... I would name it Gage. I always said if I ever had a son, I would name him Gage, so I think that's where that comes from."

Everyone dug the suit and the name, and Zillner was already designing it in his head. "Yeah, I've got the idea, Jason. We're gonna take the visor of Time Force and give it that Wolverine edge," Zillner said. "We'll have the claws that pop out, and we're gonna reverse all the Time Force colors with darker colors and black over white and then make the dark red. So yeah, there we go."

Since then Zillner's actually drawn out the costume, and as you can see in the image above, it looks pretty sick. Hopefully, we get a few more of these sketched out, because they all deserve a cool spotlight.


For more of our antics, you can watch the full Power Morphicon on CB panel in the video above, and Power Morphicon will take place June 18th through the 21st in 2021.

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