Star Trek: Discovery Star, Consultant Launch Star Trek-Themed Science Show

Star Trek: Discovery alum Jayne Brook and science consultant Dr. Mohamed Noor are teaming up to launch a new Star Trek-themed science show on YouTube, BioTrekkie with the Admiral. The series sees Noor, founder of the BioTrekkie Explains! YouTube channel, discussing scenes from Discovery as a means to launch into more extensive discussions about real-world science. Noor is a biology professor at Duke University who also acted as a science consultant on Star Trek: Discovery's third season. Now he and Brook will cover the season, two episodes at a time, in 30-minute installments of the YouTube series. You can see the duo discuss the series in the announcement video below.

Brook Played Admiral Katrina Cornwell in the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery. Cornwell sacrificed herself to disarm an explosive lodged in the Enterprise in Discovery's second season finale, bringing Brook's time on the series to an end.

"By now, many of you have seen the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, and with it the noble sacrifice of Admiral Katrina Cornwell," Brook wrote in a statement shared to social media after the finale aired. "To say I am grateful for the opportunity to play this character is an understatement. I'm deeply moved by the fans of this show and the legendary franchise it embodies. Fortune came my way when I was asked to be a small part of it. Everyone working on this show represents the pinnacle of professionalism. From the incredible cast and crew, brilliant designers and technicians to the outstanding writers, I could not have asked for a better experience. To all the fans around the world -- thank you from my heart to yours. While no one is ever really gone in science fiction, I look forward to new adventures with my family and profession, and of course to seeing what's next for the USS Discovery. I am deeply grateful."

Now Brook has an opportunity to dip back into Discovery's universe, in a way. Here's the official description of the BIoTrekkie with the Admiral:

"Star Trek science consultant Dr. Mohamed Noor has teamed up with Star Trek actress Jayne Brook (Admiral Katrina Cornwell in 'Star Trek: Discovery' Seasons 1-2) to launch a new YouTube mini-series that discusses science using Season 3 episodes of 'Star Trek: Discovery.'

Entitled "BioTrekkie with the Admiral", videos will be less about explaining scenes in 'Discovery' episodes and more about using on-screen depictions as springboards to teach interesting real-world biology. Videos will cover 1-2' Star Trek: Discovery' episodes at a time, and close with Brook's insights about acting and production, so Brook and Noor alternate taking on the role of student and teacher of their respective craft.


Each video will be about 30 minutes long, and new videos will launch weekly on Sundays at 8am Pacific starting January 10, 2021, in Noor's 'BioTrekkie Explains' YouTube channel."

BioTrekkie with the Admiral launches on January 10th. Star Trek: Discovery debuts its third season finale on January 7th.