Star Trek: Discovery Has a New Captain

Star Trek: Discovery has a new captain. SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery's Season 3 finale, 'That [...]

Star Trek: Discovery has a new captain. SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery's Season 3 finale, "That Hope Is You, Part 2," follow. Since Star Trek: Discovery launched, its captaincy has been in flux. Its first captain, Gabriel Lorca, turned out to be a mirror universe double bent on revenge. Capt. Christopher Pike replaced him for a time but eventually had to return to the Enterprise. Upon arriving in the 32nd century, Saru took command of the ship. But Saru is no longer aboard Discovery as the show's third season closes. He's returned to Kaminar to help Su'Kal adjust to being "outside."

Instead, at Saru's recommendation and with Admiral Vance's approval, Michael Burnham is now the captain of the USS Discovery. The moment brings Burnham's story full circle, as she was once primed for a commend of her own while serving aboard the USS Shenzhou, but lost the opportunity after committing mutiny. spoke to Doug Jones, who plays Saru after the Kelpien took command of Discovery. During the interview, Jones seemed to hint at Burnham following him in the role, fulfilling the story set out from Discovery's start.

"When we first did season one, the writing team told me that both Burnham and Saru are on the rise through the ranks," Jones said. "They're both on the climb in Starfleet to become -- hopefully, they're both headed to a captain's chair one day. So I didn't know exactly how that was to play out. And of course, Michael Burnham is the story of the show. She's going and we're all really following. And her rise will always continue, I believe. So what happens with Saru in that? I'm just tickled pink to be in the captain's chair now. It's a good fit for my bony butt."

At the end of the episode, Burnham is seen walking onto the bridge of Discovery as its captain for the first time. She and her crew are outfitted in the 32nd-century Starfleet uniforms, grey with division stripes going vertically down their front, leaving their previous blue uniforms behind. It seems like the start of a brand new era for the USS Discovery and Star Trek: Discovery.

What do you think of Michael Burnham becoming the new captain of Discovery? Let us know in the comments section. Star Trek: Discovery is streaming now on CBS All Access. Star Trek: Discovery's fourth season is already in production.