Star Trek: Discovery Pays Tribute to Enterprise in Its Season 4 Premiere

Star Trek: Enterprise turns 20 years old in 2021, and the new season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery paid tribute. Be warned that SPOILERS follow for today's Star Trek: Discovery season four premiere episode, "Kobayashi Maru." The episode picks up where the previous season of Star Trek: Discovery left off. Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is now captain of Discovery. The ship and its crew travel the galaxy bearing dilithium as a gift and hoping to reconnect the planets of the Federation. Since Discovery's spore drive allows it to lead this charge to rebuild the Federation, and because it discovered the cause of the Burn, the ship and its crew have become something like heroes to the rest of the Federation. That's why Burnham is invited back to Starfleet headquarter to speak in front of a new generation of Starfleet cadets. During the event, newly elected Federation President Laira Rillick draws attention to the freshly constructed Archer Spacedock.

The spacedock is named after Jonathan Archer, the captain of the first starship Enterprise, designated NX-01. Star Trek: Enterprise chronicled his adventures exploring the alpha and beta quadrants for United Earth, forming alliances that would lead to the Federation's founding. He would later become one of the Federation's first presidents. "Archer's Theme," a piece composed by Dennis McCarthy for Enterprise's soundtrack, plays during this scene in the Discovery season premiere to underscore that connection.

Rillick says that Archer Spacedock is where Starfleet will upgrade its current fleet of ships for the post-Burn era and build its next generation of vessels. It seems fitting that Starfleet should honor one of its first pioneers by using his name to commemorate a structure that will prove vital to a new era for the Federation.

Star Trek: Discovery previously made a note of Archer's accomplishments. Archer's name appeared on a list of the most decorated Starfleet captains ever to serve

Last season, Star Trek: Discovery had to address certain continuity matters after jumping forward in time to the 32nd century. Though Enterprise took place in the 22nd century, Archer found himself entangled in the temporal Cold War, which stretched into the 30th century. Discovery noted this event when it journeyed even further into further, confirming that interstellar governments outright banned time travel in the conflict's aftermath.

What do you think of Star Trek: Discovery paying tribute to Star Trek: Enterprise by introducing the Archer Spacedock? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section. Star Trek: Discovery will debut new episodes on Thursdays on Paramount+. All four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise, along with every other episode of Star Trek television and, currently, all 13 Star Trek movies, are also streaming on Paramount+.