Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 Production Is Underway

Work is underway on Star Trek: Lower Decks Season Three. Paramount+ First confirmed that Star [...]

Work is underway on Star Trek: Lower Decks Season Three. Paramount+ First confirmed that Star Trek: Lower Decks would return for its third season during the First Contact Day event in April. At the same time, the streaming service revealed the first look at and release date of the show's second season. Tandy Newsome voices Ensign Beckett Mariner in Star Trek: Lower Decks. She confirmed that she is back in the recording booth on the show by sharing a photo to Instagram with the status update, "SEASON THREE." Fans will also note that her "Shore Leave on Tulgana IV" shirt refers to the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode "No Small Parts." You can see the photo below.

Newsome plays Mariner opposite Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler. The latter left the USS Cerritos for a posting on the USS Titan under Captain William Riker in the show's first season finale. spoke to Quaid around the time of Star Trek: Lower Deck Season One's release on Blu-ray. He told us a bit about how he missed recording together with Newsome during the pandemic-produced second season.

"The only downside of it being recorded during the pandemic is that in season one, I was able to actually record in the booth live with Tawny Newsome, which we didn't get to do," he said. "I mean, she's really busy as well right now. So we weren't really able to join together, but it's just been really, really fun. And even if it's over Zoom, working with Mike McMahan and Brad Winters and the rest of the crew, it's just always a joy. And I love playing Boimler. He's just such a little goofball, and I love him so much. So it was a joy. It was awesome."

Season Two will continue with Boimler aboard the Titan. The new job may not be what Boimler expected.

"We released a teaser trailer; basically, I don't know, like a month ago or something. And in it, you can see Boimler is on the Titan, and he does have everything that he wants, but he remains very skittish and very freaked out," Quaid told "So it's like be careful what you wish for a bit. It's everything he ever wanted, but it's very intense for him. So we'll see how he fares with that, and that's about all I can say. I think."

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season Two premieres on Paramount+ on August 12th. Star Trek: Lower Decks Season One is streaming now on Paramount+ and is available on Blu-ray.