Star Trek: Lower Decks Renewed for Season 3

Star Trek: Lower Decks is coming back for a third season. Paramount+ released the first teaser trailer for Star Trek: Lower Decks Season Two, revealing the season's August 12th premiere date on the streaming service during today's First Contact Day panels. Along with the first look at season two, Paramount+ announced that it had ordered another 10 episodes of the half-hour animated comedy series. That means that the misadventures of the lower deckers of the USS Cerritos -- Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Tendi, and Rutherford -- will continue for another season, advancing their Starfleet journeys and careers. The series is the first animated comedy set in the Star Trek universe.

Emmy-winner Mike McMahan is the creator of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Ahead of the show's debut, talked to him about his character development approach while working on a comedy show. He described the show as the origin story of a Starfleet bridge crew.

"The thing I would love the most is if we had enough seasons of this show and enough stories that you could see; where does a bridge crew come from?" he said. "How do we expand on the original TNG episode of 'Lower Decks'? What if that just kept going? And what if we saw, Riker wasn't always Riker, Picard wasn't always Picard. You get a lot of those flashback episodes, but not everybody can become who they are because you get stabbed in the heart by a Nausicaan. You become who you are because of a million little things that happen on a million little days, and they all build up.

"All that's the exciting thing from a linear perspective. When you're starting with these characters, they're at the bottom of the ship, and even when we're writing, it's the same thing that happened with Morty. He started off knowing nothing and being an idiot. That's not what our characters are. They start off with knowing a little bit more than Morty, but now in Rick and Morty, he is more aware of these sci-fi adventures he's going on and the same sort of thing is happening with our guys where you can't retell a story, so it ends up becoming more complex, and the characters have to grow."


Are you excited for another season of Star Trek: Lower Decks? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek: Lower Decks Season One is streaming now on Paramount+.