Star Trek Online: House Reborn Launches With New Trailer

Star Trek Online today begins its next story, celebrating 11 years of the MMORPG. Perfect World [...]

Star Trek Online today begins its next story, celebrating 11 years of the MMORPG. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios launched House Reborn on PC today with plans to go live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon. House Reborn is the first part of the final chapter in Star Trek Online's Klingon War saga. The new season brings two new featured episodes to the game. The episodes feature Star Trek: Discovery characters L'Rell (voiced by Mary Chieffo, who played the character in live-action on the streaming series) and Tenavik (played by guest star Sam Witwer). The update also introduces a new Klingon Recruitment System, a Special Anniversary Event to earn the Alliance Temer Rader, and a total revamp of the Klingon play experience, including remastered environments, missions, stories, and more. For the first time in the game's history, the update also allows players of any factions to command any ship.

"It is truly amazing to witness how Star Trek Online continues to resonate with people after 11 years," said Yoon Im, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment, in a press release. "The Cryptic Studios team is incredibly passionate about Star Trek and has done a tremendous job of bringing the films and shows to life in the game. We could not be more thrilled to celebrate this milestone with them and our devoted players."

"We feel so honored to be on this journey after 11 years," said Andre Emerson, Star Trek Online's executive producer. "Each new year brings more Star Trek content than ever before and we feel like we're just getting started. None of this would even be possible without the constant support from our players, and we would like to thank them dearly for it."

In House Reborn, "After the Klingon Empire broke apart in House Shattered, J'Ula, matriarch of House Mo'Kai, travels to the sacred planet of Boreth. Plagued with guilt, she tracks down Tenavik (voiced by Sam Witwer from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, under the guidance of Kenneth Mitchell, who originated the role), the Klingon outcast who was first introduced in Star Trek: Discovery, with hopes that he can lead her to enlightenment. The journey won't be an easy one, however. Players will be tasked with guiding J'Ula along her spiritual voyage, one where she will not only have to face ghosts of the past, present and future, but also descend into the pits of the Klingon underworld Gre'thor itself. There she will seek guidance from L'Rell, the famed Klingon warrior who played a pivotal role in the first few seasons of Discovery (voiced by Mary Chieffo, who originated the role). Captains will also reunite with General Martok (played by J.G Hertzler from Deep Space: Nine), Adet'Pa (voiced by Rekha Sharma from Star Trek: Discovery) and Aakar (played by Robert O'Reilly from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)."

House Reborn launches in Star Trek Online today for PC players.