Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Breaks Silence on Their Character's Shocking Picard Season 3 Return

In addition to the highly-publicized return of Star Trek: The Next Generation's main cast, Star Trek: Picard Season 3 shocked Star Trek fans with the surprise return of a fan-favorite recurring Star Trek: The next Generation guest star, making good on showrunner Terry Matalas's hints that more familiar faces would appear in the seasonSPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard Season 3, Episode 5, "Imposters" follow. Star Trek: Picard Season 3, Episode 5, "Imposters," brought back actress Michelle Forbes to reprise her role as Ro Laren, giving the character a true ending that is much more satisfying than their character arc's conclusion in Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 as she sacrifices herself to provide Jean-Luc Picard and his allies with more information about the Changeling conspiracy that threatens Starfleet from within. 

Ro's return came out of nowhere, truly surprising fans. Now Forbes has spoken out on the return.

Star Trek: The Next Generation's Michelle Forbes breaks silence on Ro Laren's return in Star Trek: Picard Season 3

Forbes took to Instagram to share her thoughts on Ro's return. Here what she posted (along with several images from the episode and behind the scenes of its production):

Thanks for all the v kind words. So v sweet. Ro taught me a lot. I've held those lessons close.
She always stayed true to her word & beliefs. Always honest. Even if uncomfortable. Was very happy to be back in Patrick & Johnny F's arms and eat breakfast and laugh together again! Much gratitude to Roddenberry for the original universe. Always seeking peace & unity through our human frailty. I will be forever grateful to Rick Berman & jeri Taylor for creating this character. It's been sweet to carry and hold her for decades. She's such a deep part of my heart and I love that we share that. #ensignro.

Ro Laren's story continues to be told in Star Trek

Ro's story continued after her final Star Trek: The Next Generation appearance in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine relaunch novel series that continued that show's story after its finale in the now defunct Star Trek novel timeline. Beginning with the two-part Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel series Avatar, Ro enlists in the Bajoran militia and becomes Deep Space 9's new security officer under Kira's command. This background is also part of the Star Trek Online timeline.

While the novel line has ended, the new Star Trek: Defiant comic book series launched this week, continuing Ro's journey leaving the Enterprise. The series, part of a larger Star Trek comics initiative filling the gap in canon between Star Trek: Voyager's end and the film Star Trek: Nemesis, sees Ro becoming a part of Worf's rogue crew aboard the USS Defiant.

How to watch Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 premieres new episodes on Thursdays on Paramount+Star Trek: Picard's first two seasons are already streaming on Paramount+, as are all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek: Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media's CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.