Star Trek: Picard's Alison Pill Exits Series for Season 3

Star Trek: Picard has the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast returning in its third season, but it's losing one of its stars. Alison Pill, who plays Dr. Agens Jurati, revealed that she is not a part of Star Trek: Picard's final season. Pill confirmed the news while speaking to MovieWeb about her new film All My Puny Sorrows. "I know that season three will be the end," Pill said of Star Trek: Picard. "I wasn't a part of season three, so I don't have much to say about it in terms of spoilers. I will get to watch along with everybody else."

Jurati has had a wild arc in Picard. Previously, she'd been an expert on synthetic life at a time when the Federation had banned all research in the field. Jean-Luc Picard turned to her to help deal with Data's daughters, Dahj and Soji. Once that was resolved, She began traveling with Soji on her diplomatic tour but then got dragged into an adventure across timelines that saw her spending time with a Borg Queen. The result was the creation of a new Borg Collective. With last week's episode bringing some closure to Jurati's arc, it's unclear if Pill appears in this week's Picard season finale.

While Pill is out of Picard's third season, some of her co-stars have confirmed that they are sticking around. Jeri Ryan confirmed she's back as Seven of Nine. Speaking to, Michelle Hurd, who plays Raffi Musiker, expressed excitement at being part of the new season.

"I'm so not going to speak of it at all, but I will just say, giddy as all get up," Hurd said. "My smile was from ear to ear. These are people that I grew up watching, and just like when I first got this job and I found out that I was going to be working with Sir Patrick Stewart, or P Stew, as I like to call him, I just got so giddy and, I don't even know. You tremble from the inside out. I mean, I'm an actor, and these are people who I've been watching, and I'm going to actually stand side by side on a set and speak words and they're going to speak words back to me."

Hurd continued, "I pinch myself just like a fan.The first season, I worked a lot with Patrick, and with Santiago, Rios, and this season I worked so much with Jeri, and I'm not going to tell you the people I work with on next season, but I feel like I am the luckiest, most spoiled actress. And I am forever thankful for Raffi, and for Star Trek, and for this unbelievable experience and adventure I've had."

Star Trek: Picard's second season finale premieres Thursday on Paramount+.