Jason Isaacs Reveals Why He Would Return to Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Star Trek

Over the course of his career, not only has actor Jason Isaacs managed to join some of the world's [...]

Over the course of his career, not only has actor Jason Isaacs managed to join some of the world's most beloved franchises, but he's made such an impact in those series that fans keep clamoring for his return. Despite his years away from the worlds of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Star Trek, the actor isn't ruling out such a return, though he points out any possible return is contingent upon a story worth telling that will feel earned and organic. Isaacs can next be seen in the film Creation Stories, which makes its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 16th.

"It's always in script. There's no part I'm interested in, there's no people, no matter how much I admire them and I'm into them, it's always the script," Isaacs confirmed with ComicBook.com of a previous role he'd most like to return to. "It's always, what story am I telling? I wouldn't ever want to go milk something just to please the fans or my bank manager. I try and find something that has something in it that will make me entertained. There's all kinds of fab things that happen between cuts and action, being in lovely locations, or getting paid well, or being with friends, but at some point it's between action and cut that you have to focus on and I want to have something to do."

He continued, "I don't want to just be in things because other people want to see them. I want to be able to play something. So, in all the things you've mentioned, I felt like I had something great to play. And, for instance, there's a clamor often for me to go back to Star Trek. Had a fantastic time on Star Trek, I loved all the people, I love being part of that universe, and Prime Lorca, the Prime Universe version of my captain, has yet to be found. But I wouldn't go back just to be in it, I'd go back if you had a great story to tell."

Given that his role in Star Wars Rebels was as the voice of the Grand Inquisitor, it would likely take a lot of makeup or CGI to realize his character in live-action, which the actor previously admitted was another potential obstacle to bringing the character into a new medium.

Creation Stories charts the true story of the rise and fall of Creation Records and its infamous founder, Alan McGee; the man responsible for supplying the "Brit Pop" soundtrack to the '90s, a decade of cultural renaissance known as Cool Britannia. From humble beginnings to Downing Street soirées, from dodging bailiffs to releasing multi-platinum albums, Creation had it all. Breakdowns, bankruptcy, fights, and friendships… and not forgetting the music. Featuring some of the greatest records you have ever heard, we follow Alan through a drug-fueled haze of music and mayhem, as his rock'n'roll dream brings the world Oasis, Primal Scream, and other generation-defining bands.

Creation Stories premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 16th.

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