'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Rumored to Debut During Super Bowl

Everyone is wondering where the first trailer for Lucasfilm's Han Solo spinoff is. With four [...]

Everyone is wondering where the first trailer for Lucasfilm's Han Solo spinoff is. With four months to go, some fans are starting to get worried.

But a new report from THR indicates we won't have to wait too long, with the promotional blitz for Solo: A Star Wars Story to begin this Sunday during the Super Bowl.

The latest report comes after a series of conflicting stories about Disney's plans for the new Star Wars anthology film. One rumor reported that the first Solo trailer would drop two weeks ago, and others said it would premiere alongside Black Panther's theatrical debut.

When Deadline reported on the major studio's plans for the Super Bowl, it seemed like Disney would be leaving Solo: A Star Wars Story out of the big game. Experts reasoned that the House of Mouse and Lucasfilm would not want to debut their "first look" in such a crowded field, preferring for the first trailer to premiere during an event where it can be showcased.

But with less than four months until the movie's premiere, there are few options available for Disney and Lucasfilm — they are running out of time.

Disney has yet to comment on their plans for the Super Bowl, but the new story from the Hollywood Reporter cites an industry insider as the source for the latest rumor.

While Disney has yet to advertise a Star Wars movie during the big game, this is the first Lucasfilm project with a May release date since they purchased the company. Every Star Wars film has come out in December, with trailers for new films debuting during Star Wars Celebration, Monday Night Football, or the Olympics.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is unlike every other Lucasfilm production to date, suffering turmoil behind the scenes that seems to have affected its promotional plans. After directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were booted from the production with three weeks left of principal photography, Ron Howard took over to finish and handle reshoots, bringing the film in line with the Lucasfilm's vision.

Though Howard's reshoots extended to around the same time as the original director's production time, the film is still on track to premiere at its May 25th release date.