New Star Wars: Ahsoka Clip Reveals Intense Chase Scene

This aerial chase sequence from 'Star Wars: Ahsoka' looks like the 'Rebels' animated series come to life in live-action!

Star Wars: Ahsoka will be premiering (early) this week on Disney+, and to get the hype fires burning even hotter, Disney and Lucasfilm have released a thrilling new teaser clip from the show – which you can watch below! 

As you can see above, the sequence from Ahsoka is like a scene from Star Wars Rebels come to life in live-action. Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is in an aerial dogfight with her Astromech droid buddy Chopper, who is being about as stubborn and argumentive as ever. Hera and Chopper are in pursuit of what the captions label as an "enemy ship" – although what that means in the context of Ahsoka is still unclear. We know that the threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn in Rebels will continue into Ahsoka – but how we build to that reveal is what longtime fans are really invested in seeing during the two-episode premiere of the show. 

In her early reactions to Ahoska, ComicBook's Jamie Jirak had the following to say: 

I enjoyed the first two eps of #Ahsoka. I'm relieved I recently got into Star Wars Rebels, because this show was made for animation fans. You'll still be able to follow along, but it might not hit as hard. More thoughts coming to my TikTok ASAP. In conclusion, women rule!!!

ComicBook's Brandon Davis also got to see Ashoka early, and said the following

"#Ahsoka is a straight continuation of Rebels, feeding the animation fans looking for more with these characters. Otherwise, it moves slowly but with a great score and occasional action scenes carrying. Optimistic for an exciting series with heavy lifting done in first two eps."

Can You Watch Ahsoka Without Star Wars Rebels? 

(Photo: Lucasfilm / Disney+)

In our latest episode of the ComicBook Nation podcast, we discussed the early reactions to Star Wars: Ahsoka, which seem to span a wide range of opinions. The key hinge issue seems to be the Star Wars Rebels animated series; the events of Rebels ended on a big cliffhanger with many important dangling threads left hanging over the larger Star Wars canon. Ahsoka is a direct sequel to Rebels in that sense, as it will deal with the Spectres Rebel cell's (including Ahsoka) ongoing fight against their greatest Imperial nemesis, Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

That's all to say: Ahsoka will be somewhat inaccessible to Star Wars fans that didn't watch Rebels. Luckily you can follow this guide for What to Watch to Prepare for Star Wars: Ahsoka and catch up quickly. 

Star Wars: Ahsoka will stream on Disney+.