Star Wars: Andor Showrunner Shares How the Post-Credits Scene Sets Up Season 2

The Season 1 finale of Star Wars: Andor brought with it some exciting reveals and revelations, while also including a post-credits scene that answered one of the biggest questions audiences have had about the series' recent episodes. In addition to answering one of the mysteries fans have been speculating about, that post-credits scene also allowed showrunner Tony Gilroy to tease what audiences might be seeing in Season 2 without directly confirming it, with a recent interview allowing him to shed light on how that sequence will factor into Andor's future. All episodes from Season 1 of Star Wars: Andor are now streaming on Disney+.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Season 1 of Star Wars: Andor

Earlier in Season 1, Diego Luna's Cassian was imprisoned by the Galactic Empire and was tasked with constructing mechanical equipment, igniting theories about what these items could be used for by the villainous organization. The post-credits scene revealed that these items were components of the Death Star, as viewers witnessed the space station being constructed by droids in the orbit of a planet.

Gilroy detailed how, given that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story specifically deals with discovering the plans that will take the space station down, the Death Star will be a more ominous presence as opposed to an overt element of the Season 2 narrative.

"It'll still be the looming threat. Rogue One is all about discovering what it is," Gilroy shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "[Season 2 is] about who picks up the final breadcrumbs that lead to the beginning of Rogue One. In Rogue One, Cassian goes to the Ring of Kafrene to meet Tivik, who is from Saw's group, and he says, 'Oh, my God, it's a planet killer.' Cassian knows some sh-t, but he's looking for answers. So we'll [cover] the breadcrumbs that lead up to that, sure. But we have a situation where Cassian will never know that what he was building is actually the machine that's going to kill him."

Despite the ways in which Season 2 will lead up to Rogue One, Gilroy confirmed it won't overlap into that timeline, explaining, "We're going to go linearly into it. It'll be him walking out to get on the ship and go there. So we're not going to go into Rogue One."

All episodes from Season 1 of Star Wars: Andor are now streaming on Disney+.

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