Star Wars Black Series Jaxxon Comic Book Wave Pre-Orders Are Live Now

Hasbro and Star Wars have revealed that a wave of new Black Series figures are about to drop in [...]

Hasbro and Star Wars have revealed that a wave of new Black Series figures are about to drop in celebration of Lucasfilm's 50th anniversary. In keeping with the spirit of the event, Hasbro dug into some classic Star Wars books and comics as inspiration for the collection. It includes Luke Skywalker from the comic book adaptation Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, Darth Maul from the 2000 Darth Maul comic series, Carnor Jax from the 1997 Star Wars: Crimson Empire comics miniseries and the cult favorite Jaxxon from the 1970s Star Wars Adventures comics.

A breakdown of the new Star Wars Black Series figures can be found below along with pre-order links and prices. Note that Hasbro has revealed that pre-orders will begin at 10am PST / 1pm EST today, March 19th. The figures will not be listed until that time. UPDATE: All of the figures are live here at Entertainment Earth now. GO!


Jaxxon: Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ($24.99) - "Created by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin for Marvel's 1970s Star Wars comics, the rabbit-like Jaxxon was recently fully adopted into modern continuity thanks to an appearance in a Star Wars Adventures tale by Cavan Scott." This cult favorite character is an absolute must-have from this wave, so you'll want to...hop on it as fast as possible. It includes two blaster accessories.


Luke Skywalker: Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ($24.99) - "Inspired by the comic book adaptation (written by Mike Baron and illustrated by Olivier Vatine) of Timothy Zahn's seminal novel (Star Wars: Heir to the Empire", this Luke Skywalker figure depicts the Jedi five years after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi." The figure includes a lightsaber accessory along with a lizard-like ysalamiri - a species that were capable of repelling the Force. Note that the ysalmiri is sculpted to fit around the neck of the Black Series Archive Grand Admiral Thrawn figure.


Darth Maul: Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ($24.99) - "This version of Darth Maul comes from a 2000 comic series set pre-Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Written by Ron Marz and pencilled by Jan Duursema, Star Wars: Darth Maul offers a glimpse into Maul's Sith training and sees him dispatched to handle a new threat to his master." Includes his signature double-bladed lightsaber. Does not include a shirt.


Carnor Jax: Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ($24.99) - "A student of the dark side and a rising Sith Lord, Carnor Jax was first introduced in 1997's Star Wars: Crimson Empire comic miniseries, written by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley with art by Paul Gulacy." This figure is a Carnor Jax update to the Black Series Imperial Royal Guard figure. Includes a double-ended vibroblade accessory.

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