Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett Reveals Baby Yoda's Pivotal Prequel Trilogy Connection

The Book of Boba Fett just revealed Baby Yoda's big connection to the Prequel Trilogy. *Spoiler's for Episode 6 of the show follow right here.* It turns out the lovable little alien was one of the Younglings in the Jedi Temple when it fell during Order 66. This makes a ton of sense as Luke Skywalker came to scoop him up at the end of the last season of The Mandalorian. Boba Fett has been downright masterful at filling in the gaps between the other Star Wars content. Episode 6 makes a point to put a bunch of older pieces on the board for a big confrontation in the season finale. No one could have dreamed that Baby Yoda and Luke would possibly show up in this show before it got rolling. (Although it has sparked a bit of conversation around why this show is named for Boba Fett when there are all these cameos.) 

All this Star Wars nostalgia is warming a lot of people up to the series. In a lot of ways, selecting an All-Star team of the franchise's history is a shrewd move on Lucasfilm's part. Not too long ago, series cinematographer Dave Klein spoke to Kevin Smith and Marc Bernadin about making the series. During that conversation, the Director of Photography shared what he thought was the biggest hurdle while making Star Wars. You'll be surprised to know it's got a lot to do with that warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia.

"The biggest challenge is getting jaded towards Star Wars," Klein shared with the hosts. "It hasn't happened yet. I've been here for two years… Well, I got to tell you, the first time I was ever in a Star Destroyer hallway, shooting Stormtroopers, I was 12 years old again."

"I told this story on the set. Because I had that Boba Fett special edition, the one that is probably worth $20,000 now," he added. "I had that one, where I sent the General Mills boxtops in with a check for $3.35 or whatever it was. They promised it was going to have the rocket that shoots out of the back. It shows up, and that rocket is glued in. I blew it all to h*** when I was making a 16 mm stop-animation film."


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