Star Wars: What Is the Mandalorian's Gift for Baby Yoda?

The Book of Boba Fett had The Mandalorian get a pretty big gift for Baby Yoda in the most recent episode. *In case it wasn't clear, there are big spoilers ahead!* Everyone knew that Din Djarin was coming back from the final moments of Episode 4. But, things really kicked into high gear this week. Mando makes a trip to The Armorer for a special gift. The bounty hunter makes a big decision to give up his Beskar spear and forge it into a suit of armor for everyone's favorite Youngling. Things could get really emotional over these last few weeks of Boba Fett. Seeing Baby Yoda would probably bring some tears for big fans of The Mandalorian or even modern Star Wars proper. It's hard to overstate how big a role the Disney+ show played in the early days of the streaming platform. Leaning into that affection is a heady play on the part of the creative team. Check out the little gift for yourself down below:

Recently, Star Wars cinematographer Dave Klein spoke to Kevin Smith and Marc Bernadin about the process of making the franchise. In his comments, the Director of Photography laid out the biggest challenge associated with making these shows and movies. Anyone who is a fan of this series would probably be a little bit surprised to hear what he ranked as the biggest hurdle.

"The biggest challenge is getting jaded towards Star Wars," Klein admitted. "It hasn't happened yet. I've been here for two years… Well, I got to tell you, the first time I was ever in a Star Destroyer hallway, shooting Stormtroopers, I was 12 years old again."

"I told this story on the set. Because I had that Boba Fett special edition, the one that is probably worth $20,000 now," he continued. "I had that one, where I sent the General Mills boxtops in with a check for $3.35 or whatever it was. They promised it was going to have the rocket that shoots out of the back. It shows up, and that rocket is glued in. I blew it all to h*** when I was making a 16 mm stop-animation film."

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